Saturday, March 12, 2011

Ways to help Japan

By now I'm sure we all know about the devastating earthquakes happening in northern Japan. Here are a few ways that you can help the cause.

1. The first is obvious-raise awareness. Post on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Myspace (haha if you even have one), MyYearbook, ANYWHERE to raise awareness with friends and family so that even if you can't donate anything, you can still possibly reach someone who can.

2. Text "REDCROSS" to 90999. This will donate $10 through your phone bill.

3. If you have an Ameba Pico account, they are currently taking donations through Ameba Gold. For 100 ag you can get 10 red balloons for either holding or just decoration, and with 500 ag you can get 50 balloons. You can buy 500 ag with only $4.99 (this is the minimum amount needed to be paid for any ag).

4. Go to and make a small donation of $2.50, and they will match your donation, making it double the worth.

5. Purchase a Lady Gaga "We Pray for Japan" wristband for $5.00 at On one side it says "WE PRAY FOR JAPAN," and on the other it says "日本の為に祈りを。"

6. Go to any of the following organizations through Network for Good and make a donation.
- American National Red Cross
- AmeriCares
- GlobalGiving Foundation
- International Medical Corps
- Save the Children Federation

~Ja, ne!! ♥

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