Friday, May 27, 2011

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Fffffffffffffffff I'm so lazy :O It's almost the end of school though--I have four days next week and then two more full days the week after and two half days . . . not sure why they split it but whatever :O

Soooooooooo . . . basically what's happened since I last posted:
- all of my siblings [except Benn] came up on Sunday
- I watched four Disney princess movies with my...spoiled niece
- they also met Stephen while they were here
- I had my Choral Pops concert on Monday night
- I stayed home from school on Tuesday because I didn't get any sleep Monday night [maybe a half hour at most]
- I didn't have a voice lesson Thursday because Clara had call backs for her choir stuff and Mr. O [her husband and my choral director] was singing at the Twins game in honor of Killebrew so he couldn't sub
- I went over to Stephen's house on Thursday
- Janelle became the mysterious third guest for a summer camping trip at Gooseberry Falls in August with Nora, Rachel, my papa, and me ^o^ *excited*
- I FB stalked an adorable lolita that I found and a cute ulzzang 8D

I probably won't post until Tuesday at best as I am going over to Nora's house on Sunday and sleeping over :D This is the lolita previously mentioned below--her Facebook name is Chibi Bunny P and she's Vietnamese in case you wonder ^o^v
She also is apparently a really amazing cosplayer :O

As Alice:

As Miku:
As some person I don't know--click to enlarge it's so cool *o*
And here she is again being a creepy shinigami ^o^

And then this is the ulzzang girl:

~Ja, ne!! 

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