Monday, May 9, 2011

The pictures I promised!!

They aren't very many but these are the pictures from when I went over to Nora's last week on Thursday!! ^o^

A wall downtown :D
A tree :DD

A heart-shaped pebble ^o^ Kawaii, ne?
NEKO-SAN!!!!!!!!! :D Just a cute kitty in a window
So.........I really didn't get any pictures except for this one with Nora... But I was with her when I took the other ones!! That counts right? :D ...Right? o~o

Aaaaaaaaaaaand pictures from school on Friday:
Yeah yuu had betta be afraid!!!! >:D
The actual distance Ray-chan was from me when I took the other picture :D
Samantha and Nora being fluffing adorable :O

If you didn't notice I am finally done with the no-contraction challenge ^o^ Did any of you guys do it? How'd it go for you? :D Let me know below!!!

~Ja, ne!! 

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