Friday, June 24, 2011


   So I have had terrible scoliosis for about 5 years now, and at my last doctor's appointment towards the end of last year they told me I would have to get surgery on my back. They would have to make an incision all the way down my back and I would have to stay in the hospital a few nights afterwards. Then when I finally got out, I would not be able to bend my back in any way other than completely straight as I if I did, the stitching would tear.

I just had my checkup yesterday... This checkup was actually meant to schedule when I would get the surgery this summer, and I got an X-ray done and we waited for a long time for the doctor to come back. When he finally did, he showed us the X-ray and told us that by some miracle, my spine has begun to actually straighten out, which is something that rarely ever happens with scoliosis patients in my condition. Because of this miracle, however, I no longer will have to get surgery in the near future [unless it worsens again]. So yeah.

Abi's happy :D

~Ja, ne!! 

Sunday, June 19, 2011

My book from elementary school XD

Alright I have a "treat" for you guys today XD I was going through an box of my things from when I was younger and found a journal from before 1st grade to 2nd grade in which I wrote several terrible books, and I am now going to share them with you XD First, I will type out how it was actually written and then how it should have been [spelling is reeeeeeally bad hahaha]
I apparently went back and "corrected" some of the words...but I corrected them with incorrect spellings most of the time XD

Oh yeah side notes from present day me are in bold

1 My Fuirst First Crushe Crush
 At my fuirst first day of school. We all got to lurne lurn eachathrs eachothers names. Ona One of the kids names was Jakeup. I aspshaley espshaley like liked him, I thinke think I riley really like him, and I thike think thet that he is the kutist cutest kide kid in the class. [[btw "Jakeup" (Jacob) was based off of Jake from the disney movie Get A Clue]]

2 the The subsetoot [[LMAO subsetoot XDDDDD]] subsetot
 The sekint second day of school we did not have are nomula normel teacher. Instted Insted it was a sub her name was Kat. I riley liked her. She had hare as bluak blakk as pich bluack her eza ware baby blue.

3 My Bestist Friend
 On the thurd day of school thare was a new kide in are class Her name was Katrina. [[this was my best friend from kindergarten to first grade]] Bufor Before class we ware tokeing abat school and playing. Katrina suggested that we go with Kat [[lol the substitute...? XD]] an Jakup to to the bran new wutre SLIDE. [[for some reason that was written in all caps bahaha]] We all wure going to the wutre slide. But then we saw that evrething was rekte an noktedown [[sorry for the spelling here ^-^'''''']] but then Katrina fande finde a clue it was a sawge note it said that if you evine go in the phool blanck. That was it thare was nuthing als on the note. It was a misdure mysdurey [[lemme tell you what the mystery is ;D]] the misdure mysdurey was who an whi someoun whood writ a stopid note like that.
[[I love how long this chapter was haha]]

4 The Big mistrey mysteri [[getting closer Abi XD]]
 Me an Katrina an Kat, an Jakup. Where going to meet at the wotre slad. [[lmao I was able to spell it before XD]] But then we saw that evrething everyting was still reked. Katrina funde fonde a nuther nother clae clue an and agane thais this is what it was. It was a glas glass of wharme warme whotre whater. [[lol what kind of clue is that? XD]] Then Jakup an I saw the parsin persin who was doing this. Then after we toked talked to him we sendide sendid him home. [[really that's it? XD great story right there]]

 When we all got home we wher where all in a time oet out evin thew we wher where all loked Lalked [[I'm guessing I figured that's how locked was spelled due to the realization of how talk was spelled XD]] in are houses housis [[ were right the first time :O]] we stille still can call each uther other but then I had an a plan because [[how was I able to spell "because"?!?!]] I had my oune owne seeckrite seackrite door. [[wtf...? XD yeah 'cos that makes sense]]

6 The Door
 I was sneaking to my seeckrite seackrite door. But then I saw a skarea scarey goste gost. it was getting klosher closer and klosher closer. I was woking walking tardes tordes the lite. But when I trnd ternd a rawnd raownd he was gone. But when I opend the door he was, still there. But I got my brothers base ball bate I waped [[ummmmm...sounds like "raped"... ^-^''''''''''']] him with it. Poof he was gone.
The End.

see you next time. a sneek peek at the next book
The Skare Scarey Goste Gost!
 I was still standing there when. I tarned terned a rond roawnd I saw that there wher where more. gostes gosts!


1 My First Crush
On my first day of school we all got to learn eacch other's names. One of the kids' names was Jacob. I especially liked him, I think I really liked him and I think that he is the cutest kid in the class.

2 The Substitute
The second day of school we did not have our normal teacher. Instead we had a sub, her name was Kat. I really liked her. She had hair as black as pitch (or pitch black whichever), and her eyes were baby blue.

3 My Bestest Friend
On the third day of school there was a new kid in our class, her name was Katrina. Before class we were talking about school and playing (hanging out :P). Katrina suggested that we go with Kat and Jacob to the new water slide. We all were going to the water slide, but then we saw that everything was recked and knocked down. Katrina found a clue-it was a soggy note. It said "If you even go in the pool ___" That was it, there was nothing else on the note. It was a mystery. The mystery was who wrote this note and why they would write a stupid note like that.

4 The Big Mystery
Katrina, Kat, Jabob, and I were going to meet at the water slide, but then we saw that everything was still recked. Katrina found another clue-it was a glass of warm water. Jacob and I then saw the person who was doing this. After we talked to him we sent him home.

When everyone went home we were all put in time outs. Even though we were all locked in our houses we could still call each other. I had a plan though anyways because I had my own secret door.

6 The Door
I was sneaking to my secret door when I saw a scary ghost! It was getting closer and closer as I was walking towards the light switch. I turned quickly to hit the lights, but when I turned back around he was gone. When I opened the door, however, he was still there. I then got my brother's baseball bat and I hit him with it. Poof! He was gone.
The End

See you next time! A sneak peek at the next book: The Scary Ghost!
I was still standing there and when I turned around I saw that there were more ghosts!

I'll post the other books later!!!! :D

~Ja, ne!! 

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ehehehe ^o^'''

( ゚▽゚)/コンバンハ Sooooo... My blog is a little different, ne? :D Yeah I finally decided to make it the Neko Keiko especially considering that Nora and I will be hosting a maid cafe room party at Detour next year and for my nametag I wanna be "Neko Keiko" ^o^v Errrr...yeah

Anyways yesterday I went to the mall with my friend Kristy vv
Funny in one she has pink hair the other a pink dress :D So yeah we went to the Rosedale mall and ate at a place called Big Bowl [Chinese/Thai food]~~IT WAS NUMMY :DDDD And then [technically before] we went and looked around in some of the shops and I got a really cute dress from Forever21 [technically after we went out to eat]

It was funny I was wearing my purply-pink dress from Forever21 [pretty much everything I was wearing was from there] and I saw it in the clearance section ^-^'''' The dress that I got there was $27.80 and I for some reason thought that I had a $20 bill with me but I only had a ten [paid for most of it on my card] and there was a different dress I liked but when I realized this at the counter I had to tell the guy "Ehhh...actually I'm just getting this dress ^-^'''' " TT~TT Merrrrr...

Kristy got me a Hello Kitty mood locket [Engrish moment coming] from Border's and it coming from Japan apparently they didn't translate it very well because the title said "Hello Kitty Mood Rocket Pendant" XDDD It made me so happy hahaha...

Lalala rambbbbbblllllliiiiiinnnnnnggggggg ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ_彡☆バンバン!! We later watched Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World [FLUFFING AMAZING MOVIE], ate gummies, had cakes that Kristy made, drank tea, [slept], and really just kinda lazed around today haha~~by the way before I go, I helped Kristy make a blog for her so you should swing by and say hi 'cos I luffles you :D

Kristy's blog:

~Ja, ne!! 

Saturday, June 11, 2011

I wasn't being lazy!!!!!

I'm sooooooooooo sorry for not updating!!!!! It's not that I'm lazy--my computer has been being a buttmunch lately >o<

I'm still in the process of uploading my photos from Nora's house because my stupid computer was like "Oh you want to upload these pictures to your blog? Well f@!$ you I'm just gonna be a little b#$^@ and shut down on your a#% >:D" and made me very sad :(

Yeah but seriously it's really bugging me--I tried to uninstall this game that I don't even own anymore from my computer... It did what I wanted it to but then the stupid virus thingy also deleted EVERYTHING that was in the same folder as it which included all of my photos and uninstalled my Sims3 game TTATT I have to buy a new one now as for some reason I no longer have the card with the registration key *coughcoughmomcoughcough*
I tried everything to get it back...literally everything. I used my dad's email (as when I got the game I wasn't allowed to have my own email =.=''') to sign up the game for updates, and the registration key was sent in the confirmation email, which my mom deleted =.=''' (my dad doesn't use his email) So yeah... that was majorly suckish...

Yeah so short post today sorry :O I hope to get those photos up soon!!!

~Ja, ne!!