Friday, June 24, 2011


   So I have had terrible scoliosis for about 5 years now, and at my last doctor's appointment towards the end of last year they told me I would have to get surgery on my back. They would have to make an incision all the way down my back and I would have to stay in the hospital a few nights afterwards. Then when I finally got out, I would not be able to bend my back in any way other than completely straight as I if I did, the stitching would tear.

I just had my checkup yesterday... This checkup was actually meant to schedule when I would get the surgery this summer, and I got an X-ray done and we waited for a long time for the doctor to come back. When he finally did, he showed us the X-ray and told us that by some miracle, my spine has begun to actually straighten out, which is something that rarely ever happens with scoliosis patients in my condition. Because of this miracle, however, I no longer will have to get surgery in the near future [unless it worsens again]. So yeah.

Abi's happy :D

~Ja, ne!! 

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