Saturday, June 11, 2011

I wasn't being lazy!!!!!

I'm sooooooooooo sorry for not updating!!!!! It's not that I'm lazy--my computer has been being a buttmunch lately >o<

I'm still in the process of uploading my photos from Nora's house because my stupid computer was like "Oh you want to upload these pictures to your blog? Well f@!$ you I'm just gonna be a little b#$^@ and shut down on your a#% >:D" and made me very sad :(

Yeah but seriously it's really bugging me--I tried to uninstall this game that I don't even own anymore from my computer... It did what I wanted it to but then the stupid virus thingy also deleted EVERYTHING that was in the same folder as it which included all of my photos and uninstalled my Sims3 game TTATT I have to buy a new one now as for some reason I no longer have the card with the registration key *coughcoughmomcoughcough*
I tried everything to get it back...literally everything. I used my dad's email (as when I got the game I wasn't allowed to have my own email =.=''') to sign up the game for updates, and the registration key was sent in the confirmation email, which my mom deleted =.=''' (my dad doesn't use his email) So yeah... that was majorly suckish...

Yeah so short post today sorry :O I hope to get those photos up soon!!!

~Ja, ne!! 

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