Tuesday, July 26, 2011

About Lolita Fashion

I had posted a status update on Facebook saying that I wanted to become a full-time lolita, and of course there are those who do not know about the style and relate it either to prostitution or pedophilia. My brother was one of these people [commenting with "...disturbing"], and I felt I should clear it up for those who don't know what the lolita is that I'm referring to :O

Lolita is a fashion style that originated in Japan, which is based off of Victorian children's clothing. This style has many different types, such as:

- sweet lolita [what I hope to be someday]
- classic lolita [more aristocratic]
- gothic lolita
- punk lolita
- hime lolita [princess lolita]
- shiro and kuro lolita [black and white lolita]
- oji lolita [prince lolita] [lolita for boys basically]
- wa lolita [traditional Japanese clothing incorporated with lolita]
- casual lolita [my current state]
- and MANY more

I thought that this quote by a lolita explained it perfectly what lolita really is:

"We certainly do not do this for the attention of men. Frequently, female sexuality is portrayed in a way that is palatable and accessible to men, and anything outside of that is intimidating. Something so unabashedly female is ultimately kind of scary—in fact, I consider it to be pretty confrontational. Dressing this way takes a certain kind of ownership of one’s own sexuality that wearing expected or regular things just does not. It doesn’t take a lot of moxie to put on a pencil skirt and flats. It’s not, as some commentators have suggested, some sort of appeal to men’s expectation that women should be childlike, or an attempt to pander to pedophiles. Pedophiles like little girls. They don’t like grown women who happen to like dresses with cakes on them. I’ve never been hit on by a pedophile while in Lolita. We don’t get into it because it is some sort of misplaced pedo complex or anything, and the objective isn’t simply to emulate little girls, despite the name Lolita."

I believe that everyone is born as what they are meant to become, whether they find it or not who knows. I think that I'm meant to be a lolita. All of my life I've felt so out of place, but when I'm wearing lolita I feel like me and that I have a better sense of direction in my life. So...yeah that's all ^-^

~Ja, ne!! 

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Days with Momo/Nora :D

So recently Nora and I went to the beach [and got super sunburned =.='''] and went shopping on Grand Avenue

Close-up. No fake lashes on though it kinda looks like it here
Wearing my strawberry clip :D
Ooh bikini ;D
Moosh :D
I look gross but it's a cute picture :D

Then the le shopping--not many pictures but I'll post what I got another time.
The ugliest shoes I have ever seen--they're women's shoes by the way XD
Nora and I decided we will share a bed like this XD

I wrote Nora a note and posted it on Twitter as well just reminding her how much she means to me and how amazing she is :D ♥ And for those of you who don't know me, no I am not dating Nora ^o^v

~Ja, ne!! 

The Wedding Continued

The day before the wedding:

My cousin Amanda [the groom's younger sister]
They had cutest little girl ever be their flower girl x-x This isn't a very good picture of her

The day of the wedding:
Amber doing her hair before the wedding [she ended up giving up and having me do it]
This is a picture that I believe Gloria must have taken--lol I look so posh in this picture XD The little blond girl on the end is Erica
The little girl in this photo is seriously evil. I'm not exaggerating. She tried to steal Desi's cat [shown below] by shoving it into a small box and hiding it in her mom's car for hours when it was over 100 degrees outside until thank God they finally found it in there--it almost DIED!!!

Apparently last summer she was carrying the cat around by it's head [like around it's neck , not by the scruff]. And if that isn't bad enough, she was holding it with her knees. When we drove up, the cat was walking around outside on the porch and she comes along, picks it up by the scruff and throws it like 10 feet!!!!!

The day after the wedding at John and Gloria's house [my aunt and uncle and the groom's parents]:

Alex holding an absolutely adorable cat
Jeremy [Desi's boyfriend], Desi [my cousin and the groom's youngest sister], and Amanda [the bride]
Connor, Ryder, and Larry in the thingy [can't remember what it called ^-^''']
Connor and Larry are my second cousins that I mentioned in my previous post, as well as Erica, Rachel, Alex, and Amber--Ryder is Steven and Amanda's [bride and groom] kid
Ryder and Larry wanting to take the four-wheelers XD
Rolling down the hill
Desi and Amber's legs

~Ja, ne!! 

Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Cousin's Wedding [pic heavy]

I don't feel like uploading all the other random pictures, so here's the fancy ones and ones with family. [family in a later post--so many pictures x-x''']

~Ja, ne!!