Monday, July 18, 2011

My Website and the Wedding

Hewwo :D I just recently got back from Thief River Falls where I attended my cousin's wedding but before I get into that I just wanted to share something with you guys :D

Last year I created an online magic school role-playing thread website [say that 5 times fast x-x] called Shadow Heart Academy. I was really busy with school and couldn't keep up with the website [which won't happen this year I promise] so I closed it down and just reopened it quite recently. Due to the long period of it being closed, many previous members unfortunately will not be re-joining this year so we're basically completely starting over :O Please join if you're into RPing or want to give it a try--the people who have joined already are really nice :D

Site's link here

Soooooooo the wedding :D Truthfully it was not the best weekend ever but I got to hang out with my really super awesome second cousins who I just met ^o^ My cousin Steven on my mom's side got married to a girl named Amanda [awkward as Steven's sister's name is also Amanda XD] and my dad, being a former Lutheran pastor did their wedding. It was insanely hot out so thankfully my dad made the wedding very short and to the point XD

So my mom's cousin Larry has 6 friggin kids [my second cousins]. The youngest two were both boys, Connor and Larry III. Then was Erica [who was attached to me 24/7] and I think she was around 6. After her is Rachel and I got along really well with her--she was either 13 or 14. And last were the twins Amber and Alex [their parents were kinda mean because Amber's full name is Amber Umber XDDDD]

So yeah that's all for now :O My next post will be all the pictures from this weekend compiled together in a very pic heavy post :D

~Ja, ne!! ♥

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