Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Riverfest and boredom

HEWWO :D Doodoodoo... So I was supposed to hang out with the loverly Nora Wehrle today but unfortunately she's not feeling well :(

Anyways, on Saturday Nora and I went downtown to attend the Riverfest [if you don't live where I do you likely don't know what this is ^-^''''] Basically small businesses and whatnot sell merchandise and food and there's boat rides and stuff. I only bought 4 things from Riverfest, but later Nora and I were walking back to her house and we ducked into a building to get away from the heat [it was really friggin hot and humid] and inside that building is the Halloween store and they were just closing but Nora is friends [I guess that works o.o] with the owner so we got to go in the store anyways ^o^v I got a pearl-like bead necklace and fake lashes

Oh!!! I almost forgot to tell about the docks!! Nora and I were chillin with our feet in the water on the docks where all the boats/pontoons were tied up and a pontoon comes up to the docks [all of the people are obviously wasted] and one of the ladies asks Nora and I if we'd watch there boat and that she'd pay us [obviously we said yes XD] Nora then asks her when they'll come back and the lady's just like "When ya leave, ya leave" We got $17 for just sitting there for about 2 hours XDD

These are two of the things I got at Riverfest--the other two were matching bows with a cupcake print

A strawberry hair clip and a bunny one ^o^ Nora has the bunny one but with a blue rose instead of yellow

~Ja, ne!! 

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