Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Wedding Continued

The day before the wedding:

My cousin Amanda [the groom's younger sister]
They had cutest little girl ever be their flower girl x-x This isn't a very good picture of her

The day of the wedding:
Amber doing her hair before the wedding [she ended up giving up and having me do it]
This is a picture that I believe Gloria must have taken--lol I look so posh in this picture XD The little blond girl on the end is Erica
The little girl in this photo is seriously evil. I'm not exaggerating. She tried to steal Desi's cat [shown below] by shoving it into a small box and hiding it in her mom's car for hours when it was over 100 degrees outside until thank God they finally found it in there--it almost DIED!!!

Apparently last summer she was carrying the cat around by it's head [like around it's neck , not by the scruff]. And if that isn't bad enough, she was holding it with her knees. When we drove up, the cat was walking around outside on the porch and she comes along, picks it up by the scruff and throws it like 10 feet!!!!!

The day after the wedding at John and Gloria's house [my aunt and uncle and the groom's parents]:

Alex holding an absolutely adorable cat
Jeremy [Desi's boyfriend], Desi [my cousin and the groom's youngest sister], and Amanda [the bride]
Connor, Ryder, and Larry in the thingy [can't remember what it called ^-^''']
Connor and Larry are my second cousins that I mentioned in my previous post, as well as Erica, Rachel, Alex, and Amber--Ryder is Steven and Amanda's [bride and groom] kid
Ryder and Larry wanting to take the four-wheelers XD
Rolling down the hill
Desi and Amber's legs

~Ja, ne!! 

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