Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Work Uniform and Other Random Bumbles~

Why hello there~
Me in my work uniform minus the apron ^o^ 
 I did a high bun with curled tendrils, straight bangs, and a small black bow
 After work I decided to take random pics ^-^v

Then after my second day of work [two days in a row by the way =.='''], Nora's mom did acrylics on me :D
Basically a pearlescent rose polish with a very lightweight white lace on top, and decorated with various nail art items [I did the nails~mama just did the acrylic part]

This is kind of just a rambling post . . . Sorry ^-^'''''

Anyways, my mum was freaking out last night because a frog had somehow managed to climb up the side of my house and attach itself to the window screen in our living room on the second floor
. . . Yeah

So today [Tuesday], I went to open house for a thing called STEP [Secondary Technical Education Program], which by the way was completely pointless >.> Anyways~I woke up at about 6 am and was greeted my a lovely sunrise :D
Well it was a lot more lovely in person but yeah . . .
 Look of the day~sort of. After the STEP thing was over I changed my hair, added to necklace and ribbon belt [the belt must have come after these pictures]

~Ja, ne!! ♥

Monday, August 29, 2011

Ask abibumbleB

Today, I decided I'll answer any questions you guys have for me :D I'm also asking this on Twitter but I'm not expecting to get many . . . ^-^''''

Oh! Even if you don't have an account you can still comment so . . . yeah ^o^

My next post will likely be about my new job, so don't think that I forgot about this!!! :O

~Ja, ne!! ♥

Friday, August 26, 2011

Goodwill Shopping with Nora and My Sister ♥

So on Wednesday my sister Kristal took Nora and me thrift store shopping :D My mum randomly decided to go along even though she hates shopping and had previously hurt both of her feet . . . I'm pretty sure she only came to see my sister as Kristal's moving to CA in October [Happy Birthday to me TT~TT]

Anyways, we went to a really big Goodwill~which is good as most of the things there were very . . . odd ^-^'''

I did end up getting a few things and I'm super happy with them :D

First of all, my favourite purchase:
Ehehehe . . . This is actually a children's size 10 XD It fits quite well though and I love it so much x-x I think it'll be wonderful during the winter holidays :D [by the way, the dress goes all the way down to my knees]

It's by Bonnie Jean, and it just so happens that I own a different dress [in a children's size 12] from the same company:
You might recognize this dress from when I wore it at Nora's New Year's party this year. It was my sister's dress when she was younger back in the 80's and it just so happens to fit me now XD
 A yellow shrug/bolero
 A lace vest . . . thing haha
 Close up on the lace
A large white skirt :D It goes almost down to my knees when around my waist
 Pulling it out a bit to show a bit better how much it can go out
Close up on the eyelet lace

I also got some black work pants but they really aren't too special so I decided not to show them ^-^''
 After shopping, Nora came back to my house and a little bit later we went out to eat with my grandparents at Old Country Buffet [where Nora and I work]

~Ja, ne!! ♥

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Japanese Lantern Festival!!

So I slept over the night of Nora's Birthday party~which we were kept up until around 3 am because her dad was attempting to romance his new girlfriend by playing really loud music =.=''' [he didn't do very well at it either XDDD] Anyways, the next day we [Nora, Kristy, Eric, Nik, and I] decided to go to the Japanese lantern festival at a nearby zoo

There were a lot of cosplayers there o-o
A super adorable lolita wearing a strawberry bag >w< I believe she's mainly wearing Metamorphose, I know the skirt is
Me, Emily, and Nora
Lol yay legs :D
My friend Keely and her friends

Naturally, when I have my camera and its crazy zoom in an area full of people, I like to look all around the place~
I had a good reason to do so though because...

A wild Eki had appeared!

Abi uses zoom!
It's super effective!
Nora had seen her earlier during the festival and I really wanted to meet her~using zoom we found her, then proceeded to run over to her and have her friend take a picture with us :D [made my day]
She's so adorable :O Gahhhhh look at her O(≧∇≦)O

Now that that excitement's over, lets get back to the festival!
Finally took my hair out of the buns x-x''' Took forever
All of the bobby pins that were in my hair~there were two hairbands too, but one has passed on TT~TT

~Ja, ne!! ♥