Sunday, August 14, 2011


Do you think I should post my photos from the camping trip...? I want to but it would take a long time and I'd likely have to delete a bunch of old pictures 'cos stupid Blogger will only let me have so many photos =.='''' If I don't end up doing so, you can check the pictures out on my Facebook here.

Short post I know and I'm sorry D: Erm... Well I guess I could tell you that I just got a job :D I'll be cashiering and bussing at Old Country Buffet in Riverdale, so come say hi if you're near :D

School is starting soon, and I'll be balancing homework, choir, voice lessons, probably extracurricular choir, managing my website, and work, so I'm not quite sure how often I will be able to update D: Please be patient with me!!! DX

I'll likely post about a thrift-store shopping trip with my sister and Nora which will be on the 24th of this month, so please look forward to that :D

~Ja, ne!! ♥


  1. If you mean there's a limit of photos you can put in a post could just make several posts?

  2. @GodzillaRadio No I mean that you have a limit on the total amount of photos used in ANY blog post :(