Thursday, August 25, 2011

Japanese Lantern Festival!!

So I slept over the night of Nora's Birthday party~which we were kept up until around 3 am because her dad was attempting to romance his new girlfriend by playing really loud music =.=''' [he didn't do very well at it either XDDD] Anyways, the next day we [Nora, Kristy, Eric, Nik, and I] decided to go to the Japanese lantern festival at a nearby zoo

There were a lot of cosplayers there o-o
A super adorable lolita wearing a strawberry bag >w< I believe she's mainly wearing Metamorphose, I know the skirt is
Me, Emily, and Nora
Lol yay legs :D
My friend Keely and her friends

Naturally, when I have my camera and its crazy zoom in an area full of people, I like to look all around the place~
I had a good reason to do so though because...

A wild Eki had appeared!

Abi uses zoom!
It's super effective!
Nora had seen her earlier during the festival and I really wanted to meet her~using zoom we found her, then proceeded to run over to her and have her friend take a picture with us :D [made my day]
She's so adorable :O Gahhhhh look at her O(≧∇≦)O

Now that that excitement's over, lets get back to the festival!
Finally took my hair out of the buns x-x''' Took forever
All of the bobby pins that were in my hair~there were two hairbands too, but one has passed on TT~TT

~Ja, ne!! ♥

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  1. oh using zoom to find Eki? yeah the awesome zoom power of my eyesight ;D ;D ahaha ~
    I didn't realize I had put so many pins in your head x-x