Thursday, August 25, 2011

Nora's 17th Birthday Party :D

Look of the day~wearing the dress Nora bought for me forever ago
I found out if I don't wear a bra when wearing this dress I can actually fit into it without suffocating XD
The cupcakes I design for Nora's party :D
I designed all but the ones with arrows [the two white ones, the green one with some weird shape on it, the white with the face, the blue one with the white heart, and the peach one with a white face]

The arrows that are red point to Amber's cupcakes, and the black arrows are Kristy's
 Blowin' out the candles bein' all cute and stuff ;D
 . . . Yeah . . . Dani and Rachel laughing on right, Amber err . . . sucking on Eric's newly found chesticles, and Kristy [Eric's girlfriend] not looking so amused
You go Eric . . . yeah

Well that's all for now!!! I'll update likely tomorrow about the Japanese lantern festival I went to the day after this with Nora, Nik, Kristy, and Eric [and how I got to meet Eki :DDDDDDDD] [aaaaaaand a shopping trip with Nora and my sister]

~Ja, ne!! ♥

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