Friday, September 23, 2011

Farewell to My Sister

So I randomly decided to take pictures of my eyes XD

I went out with my sister Kristal for my Birthday :D My Birthday's October 12th, but as she's moving to CA at the beginning of October, we decided to go out earlier and Wednesday was the only day she wasn't busy.

We walked around the shopping center in Maple Grove and went to Wet Seal, Francesca's Collections, Plato's Closet, Claire's [basically we just looked at stuff lol ♥], and then we went out to eat at P.F. Chang's

We shared some vegetarian lettuce wraps, and then she got the coconut curry vegetables [definitely not my favourite], and I got the Mu Shu chicken~IT WAS AMAZING. It's a classic Chinese dish served with julienne vegetables, hoisin sauce and thin pancakes. Seriously, if you go there and aren't vegetarian/vegan/whatever you NEED to try it :O
I bought some strawberry/cupcake earbuds from Francesca's $14.00
And my sister got me this absolutely GORGEOUS bracelet from Plato's Closet $4.00 [lol cheapskate~then again she did pay for dinner and she said she's going to send me something from San Francisco haha]
The only things I didn't like about it were A: it looked like someone had spilled something on the cameo part, B: there were a bunch of extra chains hanging off the end, C: LOL it's sooooo friggen noisy!!!!

All in all though I love it!! I fixed the chain part and the stain thingy isn't too noticeable, plus it makes it look more vintage ^o^v
The clasp :D This, the cameo, and the pink rose are my favourite charms on it

~Ja, ne!! ♥

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