Saturday, September 17, 2011

Will School Be Prison This Year?

Hello!!!! :D I've been having an excellent year so far at AHS/STEP ^o^

I got lazy and stopped taking pictures of what I wore everyday [only happened like 2 days XD], but it's now going to be my third week as a junior~I have a job, I'm keeping up with stuff, I've got my message across to a friend that they need to stop smoking, I have an amazing/weird art teacher, I'm drawing again, and best of all I now have an unofficial boyfriend >//////////< So yeah awesome year so far :D

 Some pictures from the State Fair~Nora's turned out way better [stolen from her blog]
Lol just realized why our teeth look blue~we had just finished our snow cones before we took these haha
 First day back! :D
These were all stolen from her blog ^
Second day of school~I know I said two days, but the ones from my last post sorta show what I was wearing that day.

 English project!!!! :D It's supposed to be an add for Jamestown~I find that if you draw something fairly well, and then just bs the rest of it, you can still get an A-B as long as it has something to do with the project
Super happy with how the ship turned out~also, this was my first time drawing waves so I'm glad they look wave-like ahaha

~Ja, ne!! ♥

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