Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Slight Changes and State Fair

Hewwo :D Sorry I haven't updated for a bit here~been a bit busy with work and then today is my first day back to school! I'm a junior this year I feel so old x-x'''

Anyways, kind of a random thing but I changed my little makeup corner area thingy:
I didn't change too much~just added the box, moved things around and also added the gold-painted basket that I got when I was 8 I believe [I was a flower girl and I kept the basket :P]

On the 2nd I went to the Minnesota State Fair with Nora and her mom :D We didn't really do all that much there but it was really a lot of fun ^o^ [I hate rides and did not go on any haha]

Unfortunately I didn't end up taking many pictures, and most of the ones that I took didn't turn out at all, so here are the better ones ^-^'''
Outfit of the day~white tank top [Aeropostale], lace vest [Goodwill], white eyelet lace skirt [Goodwill], brown weave belt [Nora XD]
 A broach from my grandmother before she passed
 Vintage locket from my God-sister Beth
 A faux leather bracelet that I made in elementary school for girl scouts :B
My old and beat-up brown saggy-baggy from I don't know when or where
 A very tall tower thingy where you go up slowly in a circular thing that spins around so you can see the area, and right when you get to the top, you go back down again. Kinda pointless but it was pretty cool :O
 A random fountain/garden thing
. . . yeah
 I bought this at Rosedale in a B&BW store right before we went to the fair
Elli the elephant :D I now have Elli and Bellie the elephants huhuhu 
 The nastiest chapstick ever. Apparently Nora's was worse [she got mustard] but I didn't want to try it x-x Basically this tasted like a sweet onion . . . Blechhhhh

~Ja, ne!! ♥

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