Sunday, October 23, 2011

Birthday and MoA [pic heavy]

The adorable and insanely soft teddy that David got me for my Birthday :D [named Jellie] Kalli got me lotion, body wash [both smell freakin awesome], green nail polish, and a butt-ton of chocolate bars [Snickers and Crunch to be exact], and Dean [. . .] got me some fruit leather

I also went out to eat to Benihana's with Nora and my parents the night of my Birthday :D

On to the party!! :D
The plushie sushi that Kristy gave me :D It's name is Penelope upon her request :P
The lolita blouse-ish thingy that Nora got me :D It's supersuper cute and has bear ears on the hood and then bear head-shaped pockets :D

New item of clothing = Camwhore time
 The 'buffet' table thingy
Le Nora doing something with the trash~I believe she was either taking it out or she just took it out
Maggie~the first one there other than Nik
The pretty candles :D One of them somehow ruptured or something and spilled hot wax all over =.=''
The Cake :D
Casey and me :D Super awesome lighting o-o

Then on the 19th I went to MoA [Mall of America] with Kristy, Eric, and their friend Evan [who I didn't seem to get any pictures of lol]
 For David XDDD
Showing off my zoom and ended up getting a funny picture of whoever-this-guy-is on the TV
. . . That's what she he said
We [Kristy and I] went to get pastries at a little café called "Excuse My French." I got the pastry above [I can't remember what it was called but it was light and fluffy on the inside, the top part tastes like passion fruit, and on the very top there were raspberries and a fancy chocolate thing that I ate before I took the picture ^-^'''']
Kristy got some cheesecake and crème brûlée [fancy chocolate things like the one that was on mine are also on the crème brûlée here]

And now the random crap I got :D
A peas plush from the Disney store :D Gahhh too cute~apparently it's from Toy Story 3, which I have not seen

Pearl, Pearlene, and Pearlette
 My bed was so messy x-x''' All of my shopping bags, some items that I took out, my laundry, scissors . . . yeah
Cheshire Cat plush also from the Disney store :D
Trying to organize my stuffed animals [the ones in my room anyways]
The previous way didn't work as they kept falling so this is how it looks now
A white and navy dress from Charlotte Russe [I know, it looks black]
Pink and grey top again from Charlotte Russe~It looks all funky and sideways because it's an off-the-shoulder top hahaha
A supersupersuper fluffy scarf from Claire's :D
My new cell phone charm~bahaha it's pretty much the same size as my phone XDD [from Love21] 
Pastel pink extensions from Hot Topic :D I was soooooo happy when I found these haha
I was looking at the first picture, and realizing that the wall pretty much completely covered the background on one side, I coloured it all in ^o^v

~ Ja, ne!! ♥

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  1. I went to Excuse my French too but I got a different pastry, and I nearly bought the peas while I was there too, but I was broke x-x'''