Thursday, October 27, 2011

My iPod Touch Apps [supersuper long post]

A look at all of my apps on my iPod ^o^

 Homepage~I have the folders in Japanese partially because it looks cool but also so people either A) freak out slightly or B) can't find anything

Language Stuff

Basically I got this interactive visual novel thingy so that I can test my knowledge when I learn Japanese, so right now the only thing I can say in review is that it has cute characters. DX FREE
Rating: ?

Japanese Phrases
This app has a wide variety of helpful Japanese phrases. FREE
Rating: ✰ [4]

Kana Cards Lite
I honestly haven't used this much at all but it has hiragana and katakana flashcards. FREE
Rating: ?


Action Potato
This is a super cute game-you control 3 little jar thingies and make them jump to catch potatoes while avoiding the e ones. The only negatives are that it gets increasingly difficult quite fast and the blue potatoes kill really easily. FREE
Rating: ✰ [4]

I love word games like this. It's a word unscrambling puzzle game and it's super addictive. FREE
Rating: ✰ [3.5]

果子 (the English version is Tutti Fruity)
This game is a super cute match 3 type game where you switch the fruits around to make pairs of 3. FREE
Rating: ✰ [4.5]

Ice Tycoon
A classic tycoon-based game where the player serves ice cream to wacky but cute characters. FREE
Rating: ★ [5]

Line Up FREE
I play this game when I'm bored and listening to music as it's one of the few really fun games that also lets you play your music [I know I can turn the music off in the game settings but I'm a weirdo that likes to hear the game's music] Basically it's a match 3 game that goes faster as you progress. FREE
Rating:  [4]

Puzzle Family
I got this app not too long ago so I haven't unlocked all of the games yet, but so far they're really fun :D FREE
Rating:  [4]

UsaRiva Free
An adorable take on the classic game of Othello with rabbits as the pieces. Negatives are that you can't play two-player and it's super easy. FREE
Rating: ✰ [3]

Two-Player Games

Mancala: FS5 (FREE)
The classic mancala game digitalized :D You can go against the computer, play with a friend, or use your wi-fi connection to play with random players online. FREE
Rating: ★ [5]

Tic Tac Toe Free
Tic-tac-toe . . . Lol not sure what else to say XDD FREE
Rating: ✰ [3]

Music Apps

A loop of the spinning leak girl with a few simple games. FREE
Rating: ✰ [2.5]

Miku Miku Mobile
Miku Hatsune singing the Loituma song [Ievan Polkka] FREE
Rating: ✰ [2.5]


A collection of random paid-apps. I only like the alarm and the countdown clock thing as the other stuff isn't too useful to me. If you get this, turn the push notifications OFF~this app goes off randomly telling you that your applets miss you [wtf] FREE
Rating: ✰ [2]

Oh my gosh this app is so useful!!! I can check movie times practically anywhere, or even find out what movies are coming out way in advance. FREE
Rating:  ✰ [4.5]

Just like the actual Kindle except the screen's smaller. It doesn't effect the text size though so I was happy with that. FREE
Rating: ★✰ [3]

Koi Pond
A relaxing koi pond with amazing water effects. I know it's kind of dumb to pay for something like this, but I was fascinated by it haha. PAID: $0.99
Rating: ★ [5]

Wells Fargo
I love having this when I go shopping as I can check my account balance right after I get something. FREE
Rating: ★★ [5]


101 Yoga Lite
Ehehehe . . . I bought this intending to be healthier and do more yoga but I got lazy x-x''' From what I can see though, there's a huge variety of poses, and the app goes through how to do them step-by-step. FREE
Rating: ?

Dex, a pokémon browser
I am such a nerd . . . Yes, this is a Pokédex hahaha. I'm not sure if it has all of the current ones, but it has the original ones and I saw a few new ones. I honestly can't remember my reason for getting it but I'm keeping it :P FREE
Rating:  [5]

15,000 Easy Chef Recipes
These recipes look amazing!!! Seriously anything that you can think of, this recipe book will likely have it. I've only tried two or three of the recipes and they turned out great :D This app also can help if you don't know what to cook but say something like pasta sounds good. FREE
Rating:  [5]

This thing is crap and I hate it =.= The dictionary rarely works and the words it comes up with synonyms usually have NOTHING to do with the word you searched [I just deleted this one] FREE
Rating: ✰ [0]

Nail Art Catalog
A large catalog of cute Asian hairstyles and nail art. I use it for inspiration ^o^ FREE
Rating: ✰ [4.5]

Origami Max
Origami how-to app~great instructions. FREE
Rating: ✰ [3.5]

Dollar Origami Lite
Origami using dollar bills~very limited selection. FREE
Rating: ✰ [2.5]


PriPri MARRON mini
A fairly nice purikura app. I personally only like this app for the borders they have. FREE
Rating: ✰ [3]

I absolutely love Pixlr and the Pixlr-o-matic and I was super happy when I found this app. Basically the Pixlr-o-matic instantly adds a vintage touch to your photos. FREE
Rating: ★ [5]

Princess Cam
Another cute purikura app. This one has amazing stickers though~including circle lenses!! :D PAID: $2.99
Rating: ★ [5]

Yet another purikura app. This one has fun brushes and really cute stickers PAID: $0.99
Rating: ★ [5]

Adobe Photoshop Express
A simplified version of PS with the basics, colour, filters, effects, and borders. FREE
Rating:  [4.5]

Role-Playing Games [my favourite folder]

Across Age 
AMAZING. I LOVELOVELOVE THIS GAME. Great story line, good graphics, nice music, cute characters. Mainly about mages and time-travel. PAID: $2.99
Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ [5]

Ellie - Help me out . . . please
A creepy horror mystery game where you help a girl out of a locked room. FREE
Rating: ✰ [4.5]

Inotia 2: A Wanderer of Luone
Meh storyline but I still love this game. Classic RPG with a party system. 6 classes [mage, knight, templar, ranger, priest, thief]. The party grows when you hire mercenaries. You get one free hire [you don't get to choose their class], can buy one through iTunes [you pick], or rarely find one along the way. PAID: $0.99
Rating: ✰ [4.5]

Inotia 3: Children of Carnia
I love this one even more than the second one as the story line is really really good. In this one, you have characters join you along the way, but you can choose whether you want to use them to fight or replace them with a mercenary. PAID: $4.99
Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ [5]

SONG SUMMONER: The Unsung Heroes - Encore
A cool RPG that uses your music to create soldiers. Great story line. Lol super expensive though XDDD PAID: $9.99
Rating: ♥♥♥♥ [4]

World of Magic
An adorable MMORPG. Seriously even the monsters are cute :D You can choose to be a warrior, ranger, or magician. The server can get buggy sometimes. FREE
Rating: ♥♥♥♥ [4.5]

~ Ja, ne!! ♥

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