Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween, ArtTech, and My Laziness [update]

Sorry I haven't posted in a while D: I just really haven't taken many pictures and blog posts are kind boring without pictures in my opinion . . . So . . . yeah :D
 A look at my makeup for my Halloween 'costume'
I was ermm . . . a masquerade something or other. I was going for Van Helsing or Phantom of the Opera masque look, but people thought I was a vampire or a princess lol
Coordinate from Tuesday
A better look at the outfit

And now some of the graphic design projects that I've done for my ArtTech class at STEP
 School store logo [you make the name and everything for it]
 T-shirt/sweatshirt design
School store menu
Bullying poster contest [also an assignment for the class] I actually drew the face on the side :D I had drawn it a couple years back for an English project but the teacher apparently accidentally threw it away =.='''
The unfinished previous version [I touched it up after I had scanned this but it was on the day that I had to turn it in] [the last day I ever saw it . . . DX]
Logo/sweatshirt design for HOSA [Health Occupation Students of America] I have another one too that's a lot cooler but I accidentally saved it as a PS document [which I don't have on my computer] so I'll fix it and post it later. Oh yeah by the way this is a PNG so there's actually a full H there but the stupid white background makes it look weird

Tadan!! :D Gahhh it ended up looking really cool O: The text that my partner and I decided on had holes in it about where the gaps are on the S so we decided to make it look like the stethoscope was embedded in the letters :3
And then my latest project being my 6 word memoir

~ Ja, ne!! ♥

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