Saturday, December 3, 2011

Coordinates and Shopping with Momo ♥ [pic heavy]

Some coordinates and like~things
My eyes look greenish here o-o
I don't even know lol

I went shopping with Nora two Sundays in a row~once to Target, and the other time to Rosedale.
Nora and I bought matching HK watches from the children's watch collection thingy
I got these, miscellaneous cosmetics, and shit lashes.

On to Rosedale [out of order of when I got them]~
Japanese candy from Tomodachi~the milk one was kinda gross in my opinion... I didn't like any of them too much, they were alright but I wouldn't buy them again
The star ones were cute but they tasted like soap lol
White fluffy earmuffs from Forever21 :D I freaked when I saw these haha
Hello Kitty analog watch from Tomodachi
The back has HK too ^o^
Lacey fashion nails from Forever21~the actual nails lasted a few weeks and they were only $1.50, the glue is supersuper strong and awesome
Japanese strawberry mint thingies covered in powdered sugar from Tomodachi
HK pencil Tomodachi
Shitty lashes from Forever21~weren't that noticeable and they were basically destroyed after a week despite how I tried to take good care of them =.=''
The most amazing ring ever :D Forever21
Cameo earrings from Forever21~lovelovelove
A navy dress from Forever21~Nora and I bought matching ones :3
A cream sweater from Wet Seal~I also got Nora a 1¢ skirt from there
4 or 5 inch heels from Charlotte Russe :D Again, Nora and I got matching ones

~ Ja, ne!! ♥

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