Sunday, December 4, 2011

Surprise!!! :D

You remember this dress from a couple posts back? I can't wear it anymore because it's ruined . . . :(

Want to know whhhhhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy? owo

It got hair dye on it because . . .
It's red. My hair is red. Oh my gosh. I'm such a conformist lol~I don't know if it's like this wherever you are, but whenever someone at my school dyes their hair, it's either red, or black. Nora dyed it for me in her laundry room lol.
With flash
Without flash
Me thinking that side-bangs look good on me when they don't
Yes, I realize these pictures suck pretty bad, but deal with it.
. . . Pleeeeease . . . ? D:

If you haven't noticed, I've done quite a few posts within the past couple of days here, but you can't see some of them as they're on the previous page, so I figured I'd put the links in this post to the other recent posts

The one where I go stay at my cousin's house and get belated Birthday presents

The one where my ArtTech1 class at STEP goes on a field trip to the Walker Art Center

The one where I show myself in different outfits and go on two shopping trips with Nora

~ Ja, ne!! ♥

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