Tuesday, January 3, 2012

34 Q's

1) are you single? Yeah
2) my crush? Secret ;)
3) best thing that happened all year? That's too hard of a question
4) lost someone close to you? Unfortunately.
5) who is your best friend ? Nora Elizabeth-Lucille Wehrle-Harlan [yeah punk I can use your full name too!!! ♥]
6) what girls do you trust with everything ? Nora, Ray~chan, and my cousins Angela and Debby
7) what boys do you trust? Nik, Cobi, David, and my cousin Nick
8) who do you miss? Nick :( He lives in Prague and I only see him about a week per year :(
9) who would you do anything for a 2nd chance with ? No one-I dumped them/they dumped me for a reason
10) who could you argue all day with? My mother =.='' But she'd probably start crying and say I'm a terrible daughter then run away. Yupp.
11) who do you hate? Kenzie Nelson. Bitch.
12) what do you hate? Mud, clowns, scary things [unless it's horror films etc.]
13) who do you love? My besties, Xiao Chuan, Zooey Deschanel, Priscilla Ahn, Dia Frampton, Emma Watson . . . ♥
14) what do you love? Fruit, soft things, fluffy things, pink things, cute things, sci fi, fantasy, dreaming, etc., etc.

- your last ______ was from :
15) gift ? David
16) text? Okaasan
17) call? Otosan
18) missed call? Not sure who it was~some random person that called whilst I was in school lol
19) pep talk? Not sure o-o
20) i.m. David
21) hug? Nora ^o^

- your favorite :
22) color? White, pastel pink, and baby blue
23) movie? Hnnnng . . . maybe (500) Days of Summer or Howl's Moving Castle
24) food? Chai pow yu
25) website? YouTube ^o^v
26) song? Depends really~currently it's You & I by IU
27) shoes? Mary Janes . . . I need new ones x-x''
28) outfit? My blue dress from GW :3
29) holiday? Christmas :D Snow, presents, family, travelling

- now that 2012 has started . . .
30) one thing you are going to change about yourself is? Do some kind of exercise, drink more water, put out more blog updates, and floss more ehehehe
31) your going to forget about? The stupid little things
32) you're going to try to be? Awesome :D
33) stronger or weaker? Who wants to be weaker?
34) your new years resolution will be? Isn't that kind of the same as 30? o.o

~ Ja, ne!! ♥

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