Sunday, January 15, 2012

New Cosplay

I got myself a costume for Anime Detour this year :D I'll be going as Nagisa as I did last year, but I wanted to have another costume, and eventually decided to buy a K-On! uniform, such as this~
This particular one is from CosplayFu, which is where I got my Nagisa costume from. Not that I'm advertising for them, but it's a really nice site-free custom sizing, free shipping [though you have to wait about a month], and you can specify details that you want on the costume~plus they're really well made :O Okay yeah sorry haha.

I picked K-On! mainly because it's such a versatile costume as there are so many characters to be, meaning that you can have pretty much any colour/style of hair and eye colour and still be fit as one of the characters. However, I'm choosing Yui as she's my favourite and I think I'll be able to pull her off easiest.

Anyways, as much as I love this website and this design, this costume is $71.94 [used to be $133.22 holy @#%&*^$], which isn't bad for a cosplaying costume, but when you think about the fact that it's only a skirt, a shirt, a ribbon, and a blazer, that's sorta ridiculous.

So I went onto an actual school uniform site, Cookie's, and got a grey skirt, a dark blue blazer, and a white long sleeve oxford shirt. For $20 less. And then I got a spool of blue ribbon at Walmart for $1.97. Hells yeah.
Blazer~$29.99 [it's really comfy and great quality too]
Shirt~$12.99 [I wouldn't have gotten this online but this put me at free shipping {shipping without the shirt was nearly the same total price}]
Skirt~$8.99 [it has shorts too O:]
 A little pink bow on the tag :D
The buttons even have nice detail O:
Unfortunately the shirt size that I ordered was a bit too big so I'm exchanging it for their small~this is the website's picture
The skirt's a bit darker than I wanted but it still looks great and goes well with the rest of the outfit

I'll post cosplaying pictures sometime after I get my haircut [I'm getting it cut short and it'll be easier to cosplay as Yui with it]

~ Ja, ne!! ♥

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