Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sonja's Farewell

I've been supersuper lucky this year to be able to befriend most of the foreign exchange students at our school :D There are 2 German guys [Mo/Moe and Max], 1 German girl [Sonja], 1 Norwegian girl [Maja], 1 Chinese girl [Scully {spell?}], and 1 Japanese girl [Mayu]. Everyone of them is staying the full year except for Sonja who only stayed for her school's length of a semester [longer than ours]. Btw Maja and Mayu were also at this partay.

As she's leaving this Friday to fly back to Hamburg, she had a farewell party where we drove 45 minutes to go tubing at Trollhaugen, ate delicious food in Wisconsin, ripped pants, talked about ripping pants, played chubby bunnies [the foreigners had never played :P], played truth of dare, at tons of candy and cookie dough, sort of wrestled, watched Burlesque, went to sleep at around 2 am, Skyped with Sonja's parents, ate breakfast, forced Mayu to write our names in Japanese, and finally had to say goodbye :(

I'll likely never see Maja of Mayu outside of the internet once they leave, but I might be able to visit Sonja as I'm possibly hopefully going to Switzerland for a month this summer to visit my aunt :D

I didn't get many pictures as I didn't want to lose my camera tubing D: I'll probably make a post in the future if I can get the pictures that her host parents took sent to me so ya

The candy
 Sonja and Jade
 Mayu. She's the cutest thing ever not even fair.

I brought Kohaku with me [me stuffed dog], and Mayu proceeded to steal it and snuggle with it the whole night =u=
 Maja in her footy pajamas eating marshmallows
 Sonja trying her first Charleston Chew along with many other candies
Okay so I look horrible in this picture~I had super dark circles from staying up, no makeup whatsoever, messed up hair from tubing the day before, and I had just woke up. Deal.

~ Ja, ne!! ♥

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