Saturday, February 11, 2012

So Clearly I'm a Wee Bit Lazy

Forgive me? ♥

A) I haven't had the motivation to blog for quite some time now
B) My camera's a pain to drag with me, my small HK one has short battery life, and I haven't enough money to purchase a new pocket one
C) I've been playing Minecraft. A lot.
D) I recently had been practicing a K-Pop medley dance for my school's multicultural show [which we didn't even end up doing]
E) I got a new job!!
F) Excuses, excuses, excuses

So basically I've been busy and yet lazy at the same time and also have not taken any pictures as of recent. I really don't think that my posts are all that interesting especially when I don't have any photos. If I don't have any photos I don't like to post :/

So . . .
Wazzzzzzzzzzzz aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhpppppppppp?!

- I got my first cosmetic surgery [frenectomy~gum surgery] [lol this actually happened before I got my hair cut I just forgot to say anything]
This is a shot the day after the surgery with the stitches still in. I was kind of surprised to find that I really didn't have any photos of me smiling my actual smile where the [superior labial frenulum] was showing. I've always been self-conscious about it but . . . yeah

- Nora got a dog named Shadow

- I went to the Como Zoo conservatory with Nora, Nik, Brady [Nik's brother], Nik's parents, Nora's dad, Nora's dad's girlfriend, and Nora's dad's girlfriend's daughter.

- I saw The Woman In Black. Stupid movie. Honestly didn't even scare me~made me jump a couple of times, sure, but that was the BANG-BANG-HERE'S-A-LOUD-NOISE-TO-SURPRISE-YOU-MWAHAHA type of jump.

- I got a job at a nearby bar and grill [Nora and her parents work there as well]

- I wore my penguin footy pajamas to school for zoo day

- I spent about 48 hours with Nora

- Some chick in my choir broke my brush. I don't care that it was cheap. I PAYED FOR IT.

- Someone vandalized my locker with mayo

OH! And now that I have a job and my dad will likely be employed soon, I'm probably going to Switzerland for a month this summer!!!!! :D FRIGGIN SWITZERLAND YO!!! That is all.

~ Ja, ne!! ♥

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