Monday, March 12, 2012

Shopping Shopping Shopping

After being in Arbor Lakes the day before, I went again with Eric on this past Saturday to go out to brunch at Granite City :)

We walked around the Shoppes, and I ended up getting more stuff ^-^''
SOAP! Ahaha yaaaay. It smells super amazing though o-o It was $8 at the Anthropologie store that I mentioned in my last post. I almost bought it the other day but decided not to~seeing and smelling it again though I had to buy it ^-^''
Eric decided that he needed to buy me a hat and picked out this one haha ♥ I really love this hat yo o-o

TUTTI FRUTTI IS AMAZING. No, not the flavor, I hate the flavor. There's a frozen yogurt shop in Arbor Lakes with tons of flavors and toppings and oh my goodness it's amazing.
I realized that I should have taken a picture before we ate it after it was already gone, so enjoy this picture of the aftermath.

~ Ja, ne!! ♥

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