Thursday, May 10, 2012

Eric's Birthday

A while back [about a month lol, sorry ^-^'''], I took Eric out to Osaka's for sushi his 20th Birthday :D
He doesn't care much for cake so I made him a Birthday pie :) [key lime]
I got him Street Fighter x Tekken Special Edition and a sappy card ♥
A close up on the name~free hand, lol so proud of myself xD
The sushi that we had . . At this point we had already eaten some because I didn't think about taking a picture until we had already eaten -.-''
Against his wishes, I told the server that it was his Birthday and they made him wear this ridiculous mask xD
Green tea ice cream for desert :D

I'm getting to take a lot more pictures lately as my new phone has an 8 MP camera [my old one was 3 MP lol], which all of these photos were taken with! :D

~ Ja, ne!! ♥

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