Saturday, July 7, 2012

Lots of shopping [pic heavy] [you've been warned]

I have no excuse, I'm just lazy.

I have been slightly busy though with going to various friends' grad parties, work, projects, hanging out with Eric.

That's about it, but I've managed to get a lot of shopping done from the last time that I posted

I went to MoA with my school's choir for a field trip and Eric met us there and I got to hang out with him :D
 From Forever21
Shoes that Eric bought for me from Love21 :D ♥
Super dark picture of Nora and me at Chanhassen Dinner Theatre from the same field trip~went to see Hairspray

I had to buy a "conservative sundress"  for my choral Pops concert ^-^ I got to sing a solo song :D "L.O.V.E." by Nat "King" Cole
The back is criss cross
Me wearing said dress with an Eric at my friend Callie's graduation party :D

MoA round deu:
I met a [now really close] friend [Jenni] in one of my classes, and it turned out that her boyfriend [Robert] and Eric had known each other from a little while back and were friends, so we decided to go on a double date with them! :D ♥
Sunglasses from PacSun where Robert works
Jenni and I went to Wet Seal and got a matching dress . . .
 The back, again criss cross
. . . a matching skirt . . .
. . . and a matching belt! :D
Kind of different with how it closes
Jenni and me in our matching attire
 A pocket watch necklace that Eric got for me at Claire's :D ♥
A supersuper cute floral headpiece from Claire's. I've been trying to find one for a long time but haven't seen any that I really liked

Target round deu:

I went to my friends Callie and Joanna's house and we went out shopping at Savers. Overall Savers [the one I went to at least] seems quite dirty as I had to wash my hands after using the changing room [they were covered in dirt and sticky], and the clothing selection ranges from whore to grandmother with very little in between. Mainly larger sizes as well, so if you're small you might have some difficulty

If that's your thing you go right ahead, but otherwise, I wouldn't recommend going there =.=''
A cute striped top originally from Old Navy
A shimmery coral dress originally from XXI
I love the back of this dress :)

After I had slept over at their house, Callie and I decided to go to Goodwill the next day
A vintage style dress originally from Target
My fourth white skirt . . . not sure why I keep buying them lol, but this one's originally from Charlotte Russe

Nora's closet [not a store I mean I got them from Nora lol]:

My mom got me some clothes from a designer brand called CAbi [Carol Anderson by invitation]. A little bit on the spendy side for my taste
Looks kind of frumpy on it's own but it's really cute with the skirt
A grey pencil skirt~so cute on and it fits perfectly

I also got some jeans but they weren't all that interesting so . . . yeah.

A necklace that I made with a paperclip and gave to Jenni as her graduation present :)

Got a super cute swim suit at JCP today :D I didn't end up getting a picture of the bottoms but I'll get a picture of it all together when it dries [went swimming today] They're a solid pink and they match the anchor :)

Oh, and the necklace was from Eric as a present ^-^ 

~ Ja, ne!! ♥

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