Monday, December 31, 2012

Mobile updating [pic heavy]

So . . . uhhhhhh . . . yeah. o-o I'm a horrible person, no need to say it TT~TT

I still have yet to take pictures of anything that I've gotten from Forever 21 but I'll hopefully get on that soon ^-^''

Anyways, just thought I'd randomly update you on things using mainly pictures off of my phone, even if they've happened a while ago lol ^o^v

 Had a drawing phase where I drew girls with untamed hair, and those scales took forever and a day >->
Yet another [this one's way better lol]
 I bought dice for DnD [though I still have yet to play] [they're so amazing looking o-o]
They look like outer space in normal lighting, but when held into the light they're clear and grey

I also bought and painted a figurine for my character but it's too small to get a good picture of with my camera >-<
 I went to a Twins baseball game with Eric and our friends Robert and Jenni for a double date

Also, Eric got me a ring for our 6th month and I love it :D Though it's a little too big ^-^''
 Here we are looking lovely
Yeahhhh . . .
 I went to MN Ren Fest with Eric in his family ^o^

He got put in the stocks along with his sister's boyfriend, Foster, by his brother's girlfriend Anastasia o-o Yeah.

Totally not my thumb covering part of the picture *coughcough*
He was labeled a eunuch and Foster was labeled a virgin xD Wish I had the video~they were forced to do a duet together lolol. Foster would say "I WANT IT" and then Eric would say "I can't . . . :( " to the tune of Bad to the Bone xD
I started painting and found that I don't like using watercolor very much [this was my first watercolor]
I was student of the month in September for my Graphic Design class because I taught the teacher how to use Photoshop . . . My school lol . . .
I had a horrifyingly disgusting meal at a local restaurant, but I went a second time and they redeemed themselves, so I won't mention the name

But seriously man, look at those onion rings!! Who okay-ed that? D:
I made a painting of V from V for Vendetta for Eric as a Christmas present! :D [Medium was acrylic] My teacher decided to put it up in the school's library, though she managed to spell my name wrong

Okay~side rant. She's a great teacher. But, this woman spelled my name wrong so many different times it's ridiculous. The first day she asked how to spell my name, and WROTE IT DOWN ON HER ATTENDANCE SHEET. You would think she'd figure it out then right? Nope. She wrote me a pass; Abbie. She put a painting of mine in the school paper; ALY [for Christ's sake lol]. She wrote me another pass; Abbey. She wrote my name on the back of a painting I turned in; Aby. And then a painting that she puts in the library; Abbi. What . . . ? So yeah lol. *end rant*
 I was in the middle of painting something when I realized my brush had a rainbow of paint on it [even though I rinsed it between every color >->]
 I had almost finished this drawing [which this was the third time I had done it because of issues with the medium and other types of paper] and the wind took it out of my hands and some girl thought the only way to stop it would be to step on it . . . in a puddle .-.
I went above my school's auditorium and this is what it looks like! :D [Very Phantom of the Opera, ne?] If you look closely you can see the auditorium's red chairs pretty far down below :3 
And lastly, My dad was inspired by my painting [and a messed up cookie] and made a V Spritz cookie [aka a fat, Asian snowman lmao]

~ Ja, ne!! ♥

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